mstockto (mstockto) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small lunette for sale!--repost


I was selling a small lunette cup on the board the other day, but I think the sale may have fallen through. (The buyer hasn't responded to my message.)

So I am just reposting for all who are interested. Thanks so much!:


I have a small (clear) lunette for sale (+the small yellow pouch). I got it, but the lady cup turned out to be right for me. It is brand new--I'm just a student who is trying to recoup some of my loss on this cup.

Is there anyone who would be interested? I guess I'd be asking $30 +shipping (which couldn't be more than $5 in the continental US, and will probably be less). I know how hard it is for some women to afford cups (it took me forever to save up for mine), so if you are in that situation I can chip in for the shipping.

Let me know and thanks so much.

(this board has been so helpful)
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