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 Photos of it here.

Unfortunately, the Fleurcup I bought recently just isn't working for me. I find it uncomfortably big and too stiff. I am really disappointed by this because the thing was expensive, but I know I'll never use it again so I am trying to recoup my losses by selling it here.

This cup would be excellent for someone with a heavy flow because it has a ridiculously high capacity. It's the first cup I've found that I could actually use for a full 12 hours without emptying.

It was used for less than one full cycle so it's almost like new. I will, of course, boil it before I send it out. I paid almost $40 for it, and I am asking $30 (shipping included). I accept PayPal and I will ship to the US only. If you are in the US and have been wanting a Fleurcup, now's your chance!
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fuzzyleavesfuzzyleaves on May 28th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
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