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Okay, I had great luck with my large LOTOScup during my trial run (until I dropped it in the toilet). I did find it a little tough to insert because of the squishiness, but no other issues.

I knew my cycle would start today, so I decided to use my large LilacCup.  No problems, no leaks all day.  The problem came when it was time to remove it.  I got a good grip on it, wiggled it out, raised it up to reposition my grip so I could dump it in the toilet and GEYSER!  The cup popped out of my pinch grip and shot in the air.  I am now washing my pants and undies as well as the bathroom floor.  Thank goodness I was at home!!!  I will have to use another grip or go ahead and get that other hand on the cup a little sooner or something.  Can't let that mess happen again!
Tags: lady cup

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