thailandbound (thailandbound) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Using cup while living abroad

I've been using the Diva Cup since I was 14 or 15 and absolutely love it, I can't imagine ever going back to pads or tampons! I'm totally comfortable with it, and yet I have not ever used it overseas yet, even after taking five overseas trips in the last three years, I've always used birth control to schedule my period at other times so I would be period free. (Although the first time I tried this it didn't work and I wans't prepared, that sucked!)
In August I'm moving to Thailand for three months, possibly longer.  I've read through some of the threads about camping and hiking, and I think I'll be okay as far as squatty potties, ect. (I've spent five weeks in Thailand in the past and I've got the technique down, haha!) However I am wondering if it will be okay to wash the cup with the local water in my apartment. I'll be in Chiang Mai and in the past I've used the tap water in the hotel to brush my teeth without any ill effects. Should it be okay to use soap and tap water to wash the cup when I'm at my apartment? When I'm out and about, especially in the rural villages, I plan to use the whole water bottle and hand sanitizer routine, but I am wondering if I'll have to do this ALL the time, or if the sink will be fine when in my apartment. 

Tags: cleaning, travel

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