bicyclegasoline (bicyclegasoline) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yay for cups :)

I posted a few months back when I got my Mooncup UK with experiencing slight back pain issues from it - I've learnt to adjust where I place it and I am getting on with it so well!

I'd been debating getting one for a good while, having been a user of cloth pads. The final push came with booking a hotel for part of our honeymoon with a hot tub, and having a cycle so irregular I wouldn't know til the time if I'd be on, and wanting to be able to make use of it!

As it so happened, I started the night before our wedding, and my Mooncup made it all so much easier! My flow is pretty light, so I didn't need to think about it from the moment I put my dress on til the end of the day (apart from dealing with the pain!); meant I could go in the hot tub; and made travelling across the country on honeymoon all so much easier! I am so glad I made the transisition, and so grateful to this community for the help!
Tags: success stories

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