oletusarvo (oletusarvo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Replacing ring stem Meluna?

I've had my small ring stem Meluna for less than a year and the stem broke off. First it broke on one side, and since I was travelling I had no choice but to keep using it, and it came off completely. Now, I know I can get it replaced, but with what?

My cup rides very high. I don't pull it out from the stem, but I need to pull on the stem some to get the cup down where I can reach it. That's what the stem is for. The ball stem just won't work - I got a free medium Meluna with ball stem when I ordered mine, and it is very difficult to get out. As for getting the (small) Meluna out after the stem broke off - when I finally managed to get it out, my hands looked like I'd been out with Jack the Ripper and the date ended badly. (I think I managed to overturn the whole cup while it was inside me. I just couldn't reach it to pinch the bottom properly.)

I really liked my small Meluna. :(

Is there a point in asking for a replacement if the replacement either will have the same problem (ring or antenna breaks off) or is just impossible to use (ball). Does anyone know whether Meluna's trying to fix this issue?
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