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a DJ who lived in seclusion

iud and cup advice

I've looked through the archives here and read accounts on iud_divas, and am still curious as to how a menstrual cup and an iud can really coexist together. I'm 28 (today!), np, and getting a Mirena in two weeks. I've been using my DivaCup since 2005 and don't want to abandon it entirely. The cup stories on iud_divas are skewed towards expulsion because most of all the posts are from worried users or very happy anniversaries. Still, almost a third of iud_divas use a menstrual cup!

I'm planning on waiting 3+ months after insertion before returning to the cup. Many of my friends have the Mirena and few of them have actual periods. But if my periods turn out to be too heavy for a sponge, I'd like to have the cup as a continued option. (I'll be going to grad school and teaching full time in the fall, so I can't pop into the bathroom every hour to empty a sponge!)

So, my questions:
1. How do you use your cup and your iud together? What tips do you have for me?
2. I read somewhere that DivaCup is the only cup of that style that discourages use with an iud. Anyone know why?
3. Any advice for sponges + iuds, besides "don't sneeze when they're full"?

Thanks, cup-loving vagina-havers.
Tags: iud

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