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Vermilion Magazine

Hi gals :)

I hope this is ok to post... but I'm in the process of creating a (free) online magazine for women (discussing menstrual topics and women's health issues). Issue #1 will be available for download on June 1 from www.vermilionmagazine.com (we have a group vermilion_mag

The magazine is a collection of articles, art, recipes, stories, poetry and other things submitted by people for inclusion in the mag.... so I'm wanting to promote not only the mag to let you all read it when it's ready... but also doing a call out for content for future issues.

We've got an brief article on reusable menstrual products in this first issue - as the readership will hopefully reach beyond people like us who already use them, and it might inspire others to try them... So this article has just given a very basic run-through to introduce the idea, and the plan is to feature one particular kind in each of the following issues until we've covered the main ones...

I'm happy to write it up, but if anyone would like to write up a non-brand-biased article on menstrual cups - that would be great (Basically explaining what they are, how they are used, benefits, how to deal with them in public - stuff like that). I can include some cup photos I've taken to pretty the article up, but if you can take good quality clear photos of the cups to include, that's great (space is limited so they we can't have too many pics though...particularly some nice clear pics of cup folds.)

We would also love some personal stories of cup/clothpad use, your first period, how you introduced cups (or other reusables) to friends/family/partners (or anything menstrual related really)... favourite comfort food recipes, interesting/amusing pics of your cup could be good...

I know there are a few Insteads users here, I'd love an article on those too if anyone would care to submit one...

We also have a current poll on the blog (about "personal grooming"), the results will be published in this edition of the mag, so please put your vote in, the results are already quite interesting I think (I thought I was alone in my lack of maintenance, seems not!) (feel free to suggest other poll topics in our LJ group too)

and lastly... I'm putting business card sort of sized ads in the back - that way businesses can get promoted, readers can find stores they might like, but they are at the back where they aren't in your face and annoying... so if anyone wants to take advantage of that (space is limited though), there are details on the website and blog..
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