angelofmusic87 (angelofmusic87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Finally getting to really try out my Meluna!

So I received my Meluna right after my last period ended so I was only able to do a couple of dry runs which I posted about here. I ordered a medium Meluna but also received a free usable sample of the large. Turns out I underestimated the length of my vagina and the large is MUCH better suited for me.

I wanted to try to medium again once my period actually started since my cervix does sit a bit lower during. Well, I tried it today and while I am able to get it out a bit easier, it's still extremely hard and somewhat painful to do. With the large, I can just pinch the base and wiggle it out without a problem and pain free. For whatever reason, I just cannot do that with the medium. I can hear a 'pfft' when I pinch the base of the medium but it just does not go anywhere. I just recently got my first IUD as well and am worried about accidentally causing it to expel trying to get the medium out since I really have to move it around and tug on it a bit.Then when I finally am able to get it to move down to pull out, it is very uncomfortable to get the rim out. Since I have absolutely no problem with the large, I think I'm just gonna give up on the medium. The large is extremely comfy and has been super easy to learn on not to mention I don't feel worry about messing with my IUD since I just have to punch the base and wiggle it out. I am having a little difficulty getting the large to open all the way but I've read some helpful tips and it's not a huge problem right now as I plan on wearing backup pads anyway.

I looove the blue color of my medium though and emailed the company to see if they will exchange it for a large blue one. I've seen a couple of posts I think of people having luck getting a free replacement but don't remember where I read that. Are they pretty good with exchanges/replacements? If not, does anyone want to trade a medium blue with ball stem for a large blue with any stem?

I am super excited about finally getting to do some real tests of my new cup! I think it's the start of a beautiful friendship! :D
Tags: first time use, meluna

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