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Perhaps a tip to help 'pitch' the idea of cups to others

I've read here many times about people trying to spread the word of cups only to be greeted with disgust, I assume, from the fact that it's a reusable product.  I recently had a little 'light bulb' moment while talking to my bf about my cup that may help some of you trying to 'pitch' the idea of cups.

While talking with bf during a boring wait in road-works traffic jam, the subject of diaphragms (as in the birth control) came up and bf expressed confusion as to how they worked.  With my little knowledge (as I haven't used one, but get the jist) I tried to explain, and upon talking about insertion, he squirmed a little then expressed concern over me and my 'girlie thing' (I have to omit calling it a cup as he is squeamish about all things menstrual and doesn't really want to know what it is or how it works because of that).

I eased his concerns by naming the benefits of my 'girlie thing', without going into detail of how it works.  My benefits list included "good for the environment, as it's a diaphragm".  Even with my bf's squeamish tendencies, liking the cup's re-usability to one of a diaphragm made the information slip under the 'ew' radar with ease, and it got me thinking...

Diaphragms have been quite accepted in today's western society (as far as I'm aware/assume).  When talking about cups to others, perhaps get a gauge as to how they accept diaphragms, and maybe approaching the 're-usable' fact of a cup to the re-usable fact of diaphragm may help ease the 'ew' factor for some and get them to ponder a little before totally rejecting it.

It was a thought I had that might help some of you out there, such as those who lead youth or community groups, so I thought I would share.  Maybe, if it only helps get a cup-rejectionist mum off some young cup-user's back, then that's good too. :)

Has anyone out there tried such an analogy, and has it worked/failed for you? 

(I'm currently travelling the world with bf, so I haven't been around family/friends to tell about my new cuppy travel companion - who has held up very well on this recent Brazilian road trip!  Thanks again to all in this community to get me up and going.  Second successful cycle so far.)
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