luzifer_ncis (luzifer_ncis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

newbie questions

Hey all,

first off thanks for this wondeful community; it's already helped me a lot.

I've been using my LadyCup for two cycles now, and I'm fairly confident it will be easy one day ;), I just have some general questions.

First, if it really hurts when I remove it, can it cause some damage? How would I know if something is damaged? (It doesn't happen every time, only sometimes when I'm doing something wrong, just haven't figured out yet what I need to do to do it right^^).

Second, if I have really strong cramps, I normally use a heating pad. Can it damage the Cup? (I know it shouldn't, since you can boil it, but I just wanted to make sure).

And third, I like to do a lot of sports.
Is biking alright, especially when the cup sits very low?
Also, I do belly dance and it kind of relaxes your muscles inside, can that cause the cup to change its position?

Well, that's it for now^^, thanks for all the tips that are already there,

Tags: cramps, first time use, sports/physical activities
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