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I've run into a bit of an issue. I've seen some posting here with this concern, and I've only ever noticed people saying it can't happen. So it's happened to me.

I've been wanting to replace my large LadyCup for awhile now, it's just too big. It works, but insertion and removal are uncomfortable and it sits really low, sometimes poking me. Since it gets the job done and is still more comfortable than pads, and tampons have never done well by me, I've been putting off purchasing a new cup. I should also mention that when I'm not on my period, I wear a small LadyCup. I think I'm going to have to switch to it and use back-up though until I can replace my large, and now I get to WHY.

I was emptying my cup, and as I'm sitting there, I'm kinda head-tilting and wondering why it feels like it does when my cup sits too low and is poking me, when I've got no cup in. Upon investigation, I realize it's my cervix, sitting right there so that I don't even have to insert my finger at all to feel it. So now I'm figuring I go the rest of this cycle using pads, which thankfully I've got plenty still from when I used them. Hoping that it just kinda goes back into place on its own, just gonna leave it alone for awhile. Normally during my period it sits about 1.5inches up, so it being this low is quite curious and a bit concerning.

Has anyone else run into this, or a similar, problem? Any ideas on why this may've happened to me? o.O
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