beansy_04 (beansy_04) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Inside-out Divacup

Just bought my cup and have found (thanks to all you lovely people) that inside-out is the way for me. I have a question: I guess I don't know much about silicone, but is it very resistant to tearing/breaking? When I turn my cup inside-out after cleaning it sometimes I worry that it will rip or something...especially after boiling it, but again I don't really know how silicone works. Also, when I fold it sometimes it looks like it's torn on the inside, but when it bounces back to its shape it seems fine. I know a lot of people on here use it inside-out - can someone who's used it and stored it for a long time inside-out provide any info? Thanks! Just wondering how gentle I have to be with this thing:)
Tags: divacup, inside-out

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