belle_cf (belle_cf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New cup user with leakage

I bought a MCUK as an impulse buy when I saw it on a website. I knew nothing about cups but read everything that I could find.
I was very excited when my cup arrived and I did a few dry runs. These didn't start off very well, but after a few tries I was getting pretty good.
The first few days of my period everything was great. I was congratulating myself on how well it was going. Then today was a medium/heavy flow day and I leaked and leaked and leaked. No matter how many times I took the cup out and put it back in. I tried sitting the cup low, and sitting it high. I tried different folds, I tried turning it, and not turning it and nothing seemed to work. The cup seemed to be open and sealed but I kept feeling a bubbling sensation coming out between my legs. Sometimes when I felt the bubbling it was leakage, other times it just seemed to be air? There was blood in the cup each time I emptied it (about 1/4 full)
I am not sure where my cervix is. I have read the posts and watched the youtube clips. I tried to feel for my cervix but couldn't find it. I think it must be very high.

Does anyone have any suggestions to stop my cup from leaking.

Ps I am a 29 year old non virgin without children.
Tags: leakage & spotting, seal & suction
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