cassandra1995 (cassandra1995) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Cycle with the YUUKI!

Hi all!

Fingers are crossed here, but I'm hoping the third time is the charm. I've got my YUUKI in now. I had some slight leaking, but I think that had to do with my placement, so I'm experimenting. I took it out and reinserted it. Just the fact that I could get it out w/o fishing and twisting for 30 minutes is a success so far! So, it's much more comfortable than the Keeper was and much easier to reach than the Medium Meluna ball stem. I'm so hopeful this will work! Once it does, I will tell everyone about them! I want to figure it out so when my daughter is old enough (she will be 3 this summer) she will have this freedom as soon as she is able.

Thanks for all the help and support!
Tags: first time use, yuuki
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