gadzukes72 (gadzukes72) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Waiting for LadyCup, wondering where to purchase MiaCup in US

 Hey everyone! Been lurking on this site a while. You guys are all so helpful and informative! I would have no idea what cup was right for me if it weren't for this community. Loving all the photo comparisons and charts. 

I'm 21, a virgin, and I've been using small Diva for the past few years. Worked well for the most part. Ok on my heavy days if I remembered to empty it every 2-3 hours. I usually wear a pantyliner as backup on my first day or two in case I feel leakage and I have some time to shuffle off to the restroom. Works fantastic on my light days. I love how non-restricted I am during my periods now. While Diva has worked pretty well for me, I always had some problems with it being leaky. If I get a good seal on insertion, it's pretty reliable. But it's always been a bit leaky on my heavy days, and I've always had to sleep with a pad as backup. Recently (and since getting a job :p) I've been curious to try out other brands to see if they'll work better. 

I noticed that sometimes when I slept, or had a really heavy day, I'd have leakage, but on removal, find the cup only half full. (Does that mean I'm a cup half-full kind of girl?) After reading some stuff here, I wondered if my problem would be solved by a wider rim and a squishier body. I think the stiffness of the Diva led to it getting dislodged when I moved, and judging by how it feels up there, I might stand to have a wider cup. The large LadyCup seemed to fit the bill. I ordered one from the ebay store, and I'm waiting for it to come. I'll see if the different stiffness/rim help solve the problem of it leaking when I sleep. In any case, it looks super comfy for my light days. I'm not worried about moving to larger cups, even though I am a wee virgin lass. (Anyone other younger, childless virgins switched to larger cups successfully?) I never had a problem with diva's length- in fact, I think I have the Bermuda Vadge-angle. Once I get it in right, it goes up and completely disappears! I used to have a problem with a septate-hymen, but that's long since disappeared. (Using a cup or tampons in those days was PAINFUL).

My only concern about the LadyCup is that it has about the same capacity as Diva. I'll see if it's worth the few mL difference for a better seal. If the wider rim works out for me, I'm thinking about trying out the large in some higher capacity cups. The Yuuki, MiaCup (both large), and Mpower all look like good options. However, I live in the U.S. and have no idea how to obtain these from overseas. Any tips? 
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