surethingbuddy (surethingbuddy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another Public Restroom Question

I have this problem where every time I remove my cup, all of the holes are always clogged. Oh and the size of the holes doesn't matter either... it happens with my Ladycup (huge holes) and my Keeper Mooncup (tiny holes). Normally this isn't an issue because I can just rinse the cup out in the sink and unclog the holes.

I still haven't quite figured out to do when I'm in a public restroom with no sink, though. I have to change my cup fairly often (every 3-4 hours) because I have a heavy flow on some days. I try to find single-stall restrooms whenever I can when I'm out and about, but you can't find these everywhere. I pretty much have to find some way to unclog the holes before re-inserting because if I don't, the cup leaks.

So, does anyone else have this problem, and how do you deal with it? In the past, I've just run out of the stall to rinse the cup when no one was around. I prefer not to do this, obviously, because it's a hassle and I don't want to gross out anyone if they happen to walk in while I'm rinsing off a bloody cup. I've tried the spray bottle thing too, but I don't really have room in my purse for a even a small spray bottle, and plus it doesn't work very well at unclogging holes anyway.
Tags: cleaning - public, heavy blood flow

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