kelleysunshine (kelleysunshine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is squishiness an issue for you? :(

I just tried my Lunette Large for the first time today. (Usually use a Miacup or Meluna.) Everytime I would insert my Lunette and have it open, I woudl cramp HORRIBLY! I tries different folds, different angle, etc to NO avail! :( Took out my Miacup and Perfect on the first try. :(

Very sad, since I as so looking forward to using my Lunette... Is firm silicone a problem for anyone else? Would the small Lunette be comparable to the Miacup in terms of softeness? My Lunette is LEAGUES firmer than my Miacup. Which I like since my folds pop open SO easily but I was really doubled over because it hurt SO much to stand up straight. :(
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, lunette

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