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Position problems?

Hi. This is my 3rd cycle using a cup. I currently have a Keeper Mooncup that is really too long for me, because my cervix sits LOW during my cycles. I'm waiting for my medium meluna to arrive as it's a shorter cup, but until then I'm stuck with this thing. One of the issues that I'm having with it is that in addition to sitting near the vaginal entrance it also tends to shift itself sideways after insertion. It starts out right and then a half hour to an hour later it's turned itself COMPLETLY from side to side - seal is still intact and I have to pop it open in order to get it out, so that's not the issue. I know I've got it in right as I can feel where my cervix is (have done FAM for years so I'm pretty familiar with cervical position and my internal anatomy) I am baffled as to why it does this. Once it turns itself then it's all downhill from there as it leaks terribly, not surprising since its essentially on it's side. Anyone else have this issue and have suggestions as to WHY or WHAT I can do???

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