Theresa_Riot (astro599) wrote in menstrual_cups,

ladycup and urination

Hi! I'm not exactly new here, just more of a lurker. I've been reading for a while, and finally decided on a large ladycup.

I've used this cup for two cycles now. While it's in, I have a small pain (pressure?) on the front wall of my vagina, near my bladder, and I feel like I need to pee the entire time I'm wearing the cup. It doesn't go away, no matter how long I ingore it. I've read posts where girls felt like this with a diva or lunette, but isn't ladycup the "squishiest"? I've even tried turning it inside out. It catches blood like it should when I do that, but I can still feel the rim pressing on me.

Any ideas why it feels like this? Could the rim be too stiff? Or too thick? Should I try a different cup? There's a natural food store near my house that sells divacups, and I was thinking about trying one of those, but I saw that you can have this problem with those cups too. I don't want to give up, because changing my tampon every two hours is such a pain in the ass, but I really can't stand that pressure feeling!

I appreciate any thoughts you might have! :)
Tags: lady cup, urination
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