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Mooncup (US) Insertion Problems

Hi! I am a 21 year old virgin. I recently purchased a Mooncup B (US) and I am having trouble inserting it. Nothing has ever been in my vagina, expect my finger when I sizing it up. Anyway, I got my cup yesterday and was so excited to try it out. I decided to try a dry run and I can't seem to fit it in me. My hole is very small and I have no idea how it's supposed to stretch to engulf the cup. I was trying yesterday using the C-Fold(too big), Punch-down, and the 7-fold. I lose my grip with the punch-down fold. I got it in a little a couple of times yesterday, but it hurt a lot so I didn't push it further. Once I experienced pain I would just leave it where it was for a bit thinking that it might be stretching my vagina. I dried out and was getting sore so I stopped. I tried again today while I was aroused. I think the natural lube helped a bit but I still couldn't fit it in. I can not get more than the tip of the cup in without pain. I noticed there was a little blood on the cup after I tried a few times. I am guessing that it because I was breaking/stretching my hymen. Is that a good thing? I stopped after a while. What can I do to make it work? Has it taken anyone a really long time for it to work for them? I really want this to work and need help!
Tags: keeper moon cup, virginity
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