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Lady cup sizing.

Hi guys! I'm looking to switch to a lady cup from a divacup before my next cycle, and I'm a bit confused on the sizing. I'm 25 with no children - I currently use a small divacup and it fits me quite well - the reason for the switch is that i find the stiffness of the rim and the cup itself to be rather irritating. I can't imagine using the large - the small forms a good seal and is a snug fit with no leaking.

I notice the lady cup sizing however, has me sitting right between the small and the large..

1. S(mall) - suitable for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to the age of  25 years
2. L(arge) - suitable for women who have given birth to a child or who are over the age of 25 years

I'm leaning towards just going with the small, but I'll be 26 in july so I'm not totally positive. Since I'm using the small in the diva with no problems, should I stick with the small ladycup? Or is the sizing really that different? Thanks in advance! :)
Tags: divacup, lady cup, sizes/size issues

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