l0vemybabies (l0vemybabies) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking to buy my first cup - need help with sizing and brands!

I just learned about the existence of menstrual cups yesterday but after doing hours and hours of reading I am in love with the idea of them and desperately want to buy one. I do have a few questions, however.

1) I am 21 and have 2 children. According to this most brands recommend the larger size, correct?

2) How exactly do you determine whether I'm long or short? I have my period now and when I sit on the toilet and feel my cervix, I need to use my entire index finger or about 3 inches. Does this make me long or short?

3) Right now my periods last about 5 days and have a mild flow. I plan on getting an IUD (Paragard) inserted on Monday so I can expect heavier than normal bleeding for awhile. I've seen Lunette recommended as safe and comfortable with IUDs - anyone have experience or shed some light on this?

With all of these factors which brand and size would you recommend? Comment if you need further information!

Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, iud
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