powerthrough (powerthrough) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi there. I have been meaning to post here for a long while. So I write with questions and hoping for a solution and or suggestions...
I bought and have tried the Femme Cup. I have used it off and on for almost a year now. I know that something is not right.
This info might be helpful... I am 35 yrs of age, no births, abortions etc.
It has been several since I have had any examination but the Dr has always had a hard time "getting around/to my cervix"? ... Well I have noticed that in the past after taking a tampon out even though it seems to be saturated and I have started to leak... and a side of it is not "used"...
Well, after kind of getting used to inserting the FemmeCup I was still leaking... I think it did help when I did Not put it in as far and used the punch down method.
But I have still been leaking a lot and therefore stopped using it...
This happen to anyone?
And if this cup is not right which ones are Not similar so I may try those out...?

For many reasons I want to find a cup for me...

Diva Cup,... small size...???

I would like for it to be vegan ...

Thanks for your time!!!

Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position, leakage & spotting
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