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Success with Meluna + a question


I posted  some time ago about the UK Mooncup...while I was happy with the way it worked etc., I had some serious protruding issues.... the „over 30, vaginal birth“ size  seemed way too long for me (even though I gave birth 3 times). It was still too long after I turned it inside out. But I was very pleased with the way it worked  so I wasn‘t ready to give up that easily. Although some people here on the forum suggested my problems might be connected with the learning curve, etc., I thought a shorter cup would simply work better. After studying the size chart, I decided for a stemless Meluna size M. It arrived with a sample of a  small Meluna with a stem. I tried both this month and BOTH worked fantastic. No leaking, no problems with insertion/ removal, I could wear one overnight, I even went swimming! I just  felt fantastic, I could forget my period all together. No way I am going back to tampons or pads! However, I do have a question - both the middle AND the small Meluna end up pretty low...the middle one sits right at my entrance and the small one tends to end up there as well, most of the time anyway. I had to cut the stem off the small one completely and it IS a tiny cup...They don‘t  really protrude or irritate and I can‘t really feel them most of the time, but I still would be happier with them being  a little higher, more inside my body.... ¼ of an inch would be enough. I cannot believe it when I am reading that women have problems reaching their cups...I never considered myself to be short  inside and I really don‘t think I am...the position of my cervix is probably one of the causes why the cups end up so low – on my heaviest days I can reach it with my middle finger inserted only up to the first knuckle...however,  I keep wondering whether there might be a problem with my muscle tone? After all I DID give birth 3 times... I asked my hubby but he insists nothing is „loose“ there.  And the tiny Meluna did not leak or move around either which I think it would, if it really wasn‘t  tight enough in there…or not? Would Kegels help do you think? I keep reading that cups eventually end up where they want to be – could it be just that I am a low rider? Is there a way I can affect the postion of the cup at all?

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