Such a sucker for a sweet talker (mariifly) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Such a sucker for a sweet talker

My Lunette is pressing on my bladder making me have to pee about every half hour and it's driving me craaazy.

Also, my cervix is very low so it takes up space in the cup, making it leak when it's not full and I have to emty it about every 2-4 hours, which I think is too often, because I never know when it's gonna start leaking and I get all tense because of it. The having to pee all the time is worse though.

Not sure what I can do about this, because the Lunette is already the cup with the highest capacity versus lenght. It's just short enough for me, don't think I can have anything much longer than that before it gets annoying. My MCUK is too long for me. I can use it, but it bothers me because the tip of it is sticking out of the entrance. I've looked at the size chart and can't find any cups with higher capacity that has the same length or shorter than Lunette. Also I don't think I could have anything wider, because I assume the pressure on the bladder would just get worse than it already is.
The Fleurcup and the Yuuki are similar to the Lunette in size from what I can see on the chart, but they don't have higher capacity so that's not gonna help.. They might help with the bladder problem though, but there's no way to be sure and I don't have the money to buy a new cup if I'm not at all sure it's gonna help.

Low cervix + medium/heavy flow is not a good combination.

I just needed to rant, but any advice will be welcome.
I'll be right back, my cup wants me to go to the bathroom again..
Tags: sizes/size issues, urination

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