h_11 (h_11) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So I don't know what to buy

And I think my earlier post didn't work. But I was gonna buy a lunette, then I changed my mind to a lady cup. I really don'y know I have a short vagina and I;ve used super tampons but they leak not get full but leak so idk does anyone have a brand suggestion or a size for a lunette or lady cup I'm 17 and I asked the lunette people they said small but I'm worried I'll spend the money on it and its to small or to stiff that another thing I like that the lady cup sounds softer is it really how stiff is the lunette?
Please give me any suggestions on brand and size for someone with a short vagina, 17, and my flow isn't sooo heavy but not light its meduim. I want something not to hard I don't wanna feel it
Tags: lady cup, lunette, sizes/size issues
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