Mintra95 (loucheena) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Health issues when trading or selling cups???

Hi, I've always been interested in buying some of the used cups on here, because of the great deals. But one time, my dad saw a post on here about a lady selling her cup (and she had boiled it) and thought it was really disgusting to use someone else's cup. He told my mom, and she thought the same...I tried to tell them that silicone doesn't harbor bacteria, but then my dad said that there could be herpes or other blood diseases(I think one of the examples was aids). So is that possible?

Also, I used kuradai's example of putting forks and knives that are used in restaraunts in your mouth, but then my mom said that the vagina is really sensitive to bacteria, and that knives and forks don't stay in your mouth for hours.
Tags: health risks
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