teenage_catlady (teenage_catlady) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Length/Cleaning?

 Hello! I'm fourteen. I've spent the last three months or so lurking, but this is my first time posting. :]

I've done my research (or rather, I've read up on all the research you all have done) and have decided a small Lunette would be best for me. My question is on length: how much should it affect your purchase? I can't reach my cervix at all when on my period, and I've heard the Lunette is one of the shorter cups. How much does length matter when using a cup? Does it really matter? And if having a "long" vagina (I mean, to me, it's a normal one, because it's mine and I've never met another vagina to compare, thank you very much) means the Lunette is a bad decision for me, what other cups should I look into that are similar to the small Lunette but longer? (oh, it's a plus if they come in blue. ;] )

I also have a bunch of questions on CLEANING! Excuse the laundry list: Do you have to clean each and every time you take it out? What about public restrooms? How often should you boil it?

Thank you soo much! This community has been so unbelievably unhelpful and informative, and I'd be kidding myself if I said I knew anything about cups before I found it.
Tags: cervix position, cleaning, first time use, virginity

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