Hailey Michelle (haileysrad) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Hailey Michelle

new small meluna and iud spotting

So I just got a Mirena 2 weeks ago, while on my period. my "period" has stopped and now i juat have a TINY amount of spotting. before I got the iud i was using a diva cup model 1, which worked for me okay, but i think i only got it cause it was available at the whole foods by my house, and i wanted to try one bad. so i bought a small meluna the other day, because i didnt feel i needed the capacity of the diva, and thinking it(meluna) would be better suited for iud strings cause it is shorter, and i thought maybe it would ride lower in my vagina and not ride up to my cervix... but now i think this is wrong, right? i mean arent all cups supposed to ride up to the cervix? I dont really think my strings will be an issue, since i can barely feel them, and i think they are curled up past my cervix(not hanging down). i read on melunas site that they were safe with iud's if the strings were short. i dont really know if mine are short or long, cause they are curled up. the doc said they were about and inch and a half i think... is that short? i dont know.
but basically i wanted to know if it is possible to wear a cup lower down if it still has a seal, or will it just ride on up there on it's own? like i said i dont believe it will be a problem, and i will still try it. just wondering
it would be great if someone actually uses a meluna and an iud to give me some pointers too, but it doesnt seem like very many people use the meluna(small)
Tags: iud, meluna

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