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I was the tampon supplier!

After I went through my first cycle with the Diva, I gave all my leftover tampons to a friend who was interested in cups, but not ready to try yet.  Another friend saw me handing off a full box of tampons and asked why I was going to pads.  I told HER about the cup and she was psyched!  She is currently researching what cup would be best for her.  She is really excited about minimizing the environmental impact!

I was out with another friend last night and her period decided to pay an early visit.  She asked if she could get a tampon from me and when I told her I didn't use them anymore, she was surprised and said that she could always count on me to have a spare in my purse.  When I told her about cups, she was kind of grossed out at first, but I think I may have another convert!  

Meanwhile, I've got my Diva, I was looking for a spare and decided I couldn't resist the pretty pinky orange of the Lady Cup LOTOS.  Then, I get an offer for a LilacCup and of course I couldn't say no.  I think that will be it for a while, but maybe I'll pass on the Lilac to one of my converting friends.
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