cup_lover (cup_lover) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Time User!

What a great great awesome resource!!! I can hardly believe this community exists, it has answered soooooo many of my questions.

I do have a few, however, that I hope some of you could help me out with!

Background: 26 years old, virgin, small hymen at the back of my "opening".  Have the Keeper Moon Cup (USA). (JUST got it. Like have been using it for 3 days.)

OK, questions:

1. Like many, I hate the stem. Trimmed it a little, but that made things worse. It pushed against my inner lips, labia I think? Anyway, thanks to this wonderful community, I found the suggestion of turning it inside out to see if I could manage the no - stem removal process. Got up out of bed and did that, its currently in, but I don't feel I'll be having any problem. Will probably lop the stem off tomorrow. My question is, I am on day 2-3 of my cycle and I have read here that that is when your cervix is at the lowest. What if I find that it is easy to take out tomorrow and take the stem off, and then more toward the end of my cycle when my cervix is in its normal spot, its too high (long?) and harder to get out? EEK!?

2. Because I have that little half moon of hymen at the back, I prefer to get my finger up on the rim and like, fold it into a little contortion to get it out or it HURTS!!! Any suggestions for not having to go fishing up there. I mean I don't really mind if thats how it has to work, but I would prefer something not quite so messy.

3. How do I locate the posts on this site where other members are advertising cups they'd like to sell? I am interested in trying some different brands.......

Thanks in advance for all your help, and again, what a great great place to come for info on cups!!!
Tags: keeper, keeper moon cup, removal, stem length/trimming

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