archer49 (archer49) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady Cup Stem Trim?

I also have stem issues. This is my first real run of using my new Lady Cup LOTOS cup and its lovely...other then the stem.


I have a only ever used a DivaCup prior to this cup and found the stem never bugged me. I use a size 1 diva but got the large size lady cup as I was afraid of having too small of a cup( as I have read here that they are really tiny!). Has anyone trimmed their Lady Cup stems? If so any tips and tricks to doing so? I have never preformed a stem reduction so any advice will be appreciated. I am also considering getting a smaller cup and keeping this one for heavy days (1,2 mostly).

I dont consider myself to be have a heavy flow by any means the Diva cup is never more than 1/3 full on a heavy day. I think maybe I will still try stem reduction with the purchase of a new cup next pay cheque. The whole reason for my cup switch was the environmental issue as well as monetary.


Tags: lady cup, stem length/trimming
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