kitsunenomizu (kitsunenomizu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

just a question concerning stems

I probably shouldn't worry about this until my large Yuuki arrives, but since i was too eager when i first got my diva, i cut the stem off before ever having gotten it in. (won't be doing that again)

So the bottom of my divacup or rather, what's left of the stem sits just inside my pelvic floor muscles, and now i can get to where it's sitting and remove it, while i'm still slow about getting to it. It's comfortable while active and whatnot, no leaks...

My question is for those of you that have kept your stems or at least some of the stem, or even those that have lopped them off because of this... Do any of your cups sit to sit to where your stem is outside of where your pelvic floor muscles are (or below them i guess) without discomfort?
Tags: stem length/trimming
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