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New member, and question on brand comparison

Hello all, so glad to find this community!

I am a 27 year old woman who has been interested in cups for quite a while, but never quite nerved up the gumption to try them. Tampons have always been very uncomfortable for me and pads are messy (IMO), so I'm finally going to give cups a try. :)

Right now I am looking at the (small) Divacup because my flow is generally pretty light (even on my heavier first few days I generally don't change my pad more than once every 6 hours or so) and, as I said, I've had some discomfort with tampons before - though that may be due to absorbency issues more than anything else. I have never had children, and my cervix is about 2 inches back/up/inside/whatever during my period (assuming I measured right), and I'd love any other recommendations if y'all have them!

I also have occasional pain from endo, but it hasn't been any worse/better with tampon use so I don't know how relevant that is. Thanks!
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