gravemedic (gravemedic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help!!! Meluna stem is about to snap off! D:

Hi, it's me again, I posted three days ago that I was having some trouble removing my Meluna (medium traditional stem style). Since then I had two more dry runs and found that it was slowly getting easier to remove despite still having some issues with the rim of the cup.

But now I noticed a new problem! I noticed that right after the third grip nib on the stem from under the cup, there was a small tear forming!! It wasn't obvious at first, but when I noticed some irregularities in the stem and stretched it out a little, I noticed that there was a tear that is 1/3 through the stem already!!

My period is still two or so weeks to go and I dont want it to suddenly snap off!! I'm afraid that I wont be able to retrieve it at all without some help from the stem!!!

Help!!! I dont know what to do and I'm really sad since it took me a couple months before I was able to save up for it!! WAHHHH I cant believe it got damaged so quickly. T_T
Tags: meluna
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