Meghan (megamuphen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yeast Infections and Cups

 Hi, all!

I've read through the tags a bit, but I thought I'd ask anew... What do ya'll find is the best way to get yeasties out of your cup? I have been having recurring yeast infections after each period, and I'm afraid I'm reinfecting myself. 

Otherwise, do you have any other suggestions of what might be causing the yeasties? I don't use soap during my period, so I don't think it is a product sensitivity, but I probably could be more diligent about washing my hands before fussing with my cup. I have been using cups for, gosh, almost four years now, and just started having this problem since around December. The yeast infections have been annoyingly garlic-resistant, and I can't afford to keep buying OTC yeast suppository things. :-)

Tags: yeast infections

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