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Finally I can take it out!!!


I am a new Lunette user. Although still waiting for my first period after having the Lunette cup, I have several dry run already. Thanks for this forum (and yahoo! dictionary~~. It is a must for me as I am a Chinese and English is not my mother language), I got many useful ideas on using Lunette cup. Now, I know triangle fold is the most suitable one for my insertion. And I can only do it successfully with my left hand (so strange but it really the case.....)

For removal, I was frustrated as it took me 30 mins to remove the cup (yes... 30 mins.... My mum was wondering what's going on in the washroom.....) . Because my index finger can only touch the bottom of the cup by cannot grab it..... so i removed the cup by holding the stem and pull it out directly. You can imagine what happens..... The suction is not released and I cannot take out the cup. 

I came back to this forum and read some more posts and found that fold the rim of the cup by middle finger was a very good idea. Now, I can remove the cup within several seconds. It works like this:

1/ Insert my right middle finger to vagina and break the suction by folding the rim of the cup
2/ Keep the post of my middle finger and start to push the cup out by breathing out (like having poo-poo)
3/ Now I can hold the bottom of the cup by index finger and the thumb. Hold it and pull it out carefully and slowly
4/ Done!!!

But I have one question, do you need to take off your pants completely when you insert or remove the cup? I need to do that when inserting or removing the cup (it is done in squatting post). But it is not convenient to do it in public washroom as it may not have a hook and you need a third hand to take the pants.

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