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03 May 2010 @ 05:43 pm
Hey fellow cuppers! I hope you can help me with this little problem here, as it gets really annoying and I don't quite know what to do, as I've never experienced something like this :(

Hey everyone!

I've encountered a new cup problem and thought you guys can help me out here. So, I've been a Nuvaring user for about months (starting the 3rd month today) and it turns out that my large Fleurcup is just too uncomfortable to use with the ring because it leaks approx 10-30 min. after I put it in.
I have absolutely no problem with the cup when the ring is out - no leaking, no pain, it's great. But I thought that there will be times where my period will for sure overlap with ring-inserting time. I have a small Meluna ball stem that I use for discharge and light bleeding, but decided to order a small Yuuki cup as well for the days were the Meluna just won't be enough, since I don't want to use tampons anymore I thought that it was a good idea (also, I'm lazy and don't want to change every few hours, with the Yuuki I can go for about 10 hours without emptying. Somehow, even if I don't bleed much, every time I insert the Meluna it's full very quickly. As if my cervix knew about the Meluna and is like, okay, let's fill up the little cup!).
Anyway, this period isn't going so great. The bleeding started Saturday morning, I went to put in my Fleurcup and went to change in the evening to try out the Yuuki cup. So far, no problems with leaking.
I was at my boyfriends place at that time and had to hurry because I had to go home, so I quickly rinsed the cup after changing, popped it back in and was on my way home, when I suddenly got those horrible cramps. They made me so light headed and I felt nauseated and weak, I thought I was going to faint every second. Fortunately, I've read this one post here, where someone fainted because of the suction that the cup created to the cervix, so I could at least narrow it down to that.
When I got home about an hour later, I dashed to the bathroom to get the freaking thing out of me, and hey - turns out that those were indeed suction cramps.

Now I'm kind of confused because I never get those with the Meluna or Fleurcup. I thought that maybe I didn't put it in right because I didn't have enough time, but today when I gave it a second chance, it failed me another time. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I really want this cup to work for me like the other ones do. Could it be that there's just such a big difference in suction with all the cups? 


m03m on May 4th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
Well, there is a big difference between the size of the anti-suction holes in different cups... but it could also be caused by pressure on your cervix.
As far as I know, cups don't create a strong suction; merely a light underpressure. Strong suction is only felt when you remove a cup or when it opens.

I thought that the Yuuki could be too long for you... but I see that it's a small, and so it should be shorter than the large FleurCup.

So yeah. I don't really have any advice. But your post looked so sad sitting there unanswered.
I hope things improve soon!
Jessalyn WhitlockJessalyn Whitlock on February 23rd, 2012 05:11 am (UTC)
same here
hey i know this a really old post but i'm having this exact same problem, the suction of my cup is REALLY uncomfortable and aggravating! from the time i put it in, almost all the while i have it in, right up until i take it out. could you tell me how this panned out for you? did you figure out a way to fix the problem or did it just naturally get better? thanks! :D