Lauren (shockfactor) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm sure you've been asked this before...

Hello, awesome community!  I've got a question, and I'm sure it's been asked before but I can't for the life of me find an answer, even when going through several tags and searches...

So, here goes.  I have been using a Diva Cup (size 1 - the smaller) for about two years now.  I also have the MoonCup (yep, the bad one...I got it before I knew anything about the ethical quandary associated with it), but it's a little stiff for my tastes and doesn't seem to hold enough - it tends to leak.

Anyhow, I really, really REALLY want a Lunette Selene - maybe I'm just magnetically attracted to the pretty blue color?  My Diva is getting a bit old - doesn't have quite the 'bounce' that it used to ;)  Unfortunately, I have several considerations that are making this harder than just snagging one online right now....

1)  Money!  The Lunette seems a bit (okay, a lot) pricey to me.  If you have, it, is it WORTH the extra money?  And if you've had it and also something else, is there a comparable cup (size and squishiness-wise) that you'd recommend that's less expensive?

2) Size!  The small Diva works for me, but I do have a rather heavy period, especially on the first few days.  I've never had a child, but I heard that the lunettes hold a bit less, and that I should get the larger size.  My question is, is that going to be super uncomfortable, since I'm used to Diva 1?

3) (Last question, I swear).  I'm getting and IUD put in next month, and I just want to make sure that the cup I get is going to work well with it.  I'm already expecting spotting, random periods, and heavier bleeding (part of why I'm considering the larger lunette), but I also know that there are some issues with suction - I'm fairly sure I'll be able to get any cup in and out without disturbing the IUD but I didn't know if anyone had problems with the Lunette in particular?

Sorry for the barrage of questions!  I'm just being very picky about this one in particular because it's so expensive, and the last thing I want is to get it and have it really not work out for me...

PS: I love this community...I've never found a more supportive, kind, open community ANYWHERE online.

PPS: I'm already a member of the IUD-cup community, too, but I thought I'd ask here first since the IUD issue is tertiary...
Tags: iud, lunette, sizes/size issues
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