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Just got my first cup!

     Well, after lurking here for about the past month, I finally decided to try my first cup and decided on trying a blue medium Meluna. I got it in exactly a week directly from the company. I was thrilled when I got it and even more thrilled to find out they sent me a free usable sample cup as well! It's one of their clear large cups with a regular stem with minor defects such as color and/or shape but still 100% usable! Pretty sweet deal. I only paid $25 including shipping.

     So I get it yesterday which, unfortunately, was the last day of my period so I wasn't able to try it out. So today I decided to do a dry run. I used the press down fold and was able to get it in fairly easily. I walked around and sat down with it. I could definitely feel it but it wasn't painful. It was the slightest bit uncomfy when I was walking around but I could barely feel it while sitting which was nice. I did start to feel the need to pee not long after I put it in even though I went before putting it in since I've read it can press on your bladder or something a bit. So I wore it for 20-30 minutes and decided to try taking it out.
     Well, it turns out my cervix is much farther up while I'm off my period than I ever thought. I could barely reach the rim using my index finger. It wasn't particularly comfy for my trying to fit a finger + the cup into my vagina either so this just made it even more unpleasant and my longish finger nails don't help either! So, I lubed up a bit to try to make it easier. It took me a good 10 minutes to finally get it out. I just couldn't reach the rim enough to push it down. It took a lot for me not to panic as well since I just got an IUD, paragard, last month and was petrified of pulling the strings. At the same time though, I just wanted to get the damn thing out. I somehow managed to get my middle finger and thumb up there and pinch it enough to wiggle and pull it out. It was extremely unpleasant though and I'm really kinda scared to try it out again once my period starts.
     I do know my cervix is much lower then though as I tested it out this last time around in preparation for my new cup. I always used tampons and I was always easily able to get the full bottom half of the applicator in plus a little bit of the applicator grip in. At least I have the large Meluna as well if the medium doesn't work out. 
     Any words of encouragement, advice, etc. would be much appreciated! I was SO excited to try this and I really really want it to work for me!

     So, I tried out the large meluna that I got as well and had a MUCH more successful dry run with it. I know it goes a lot differently when you're actually on your period but it's nice to know I got at least one cup that should work well for me! I had some trouble getting it to open (used origami fold) mostly because I couldn't seem to also get a finger up there in addition to the cup today. I didn't really try for too long though. I'm sure I'll figure it out. I was mostly trying it out to see if it was comfy and if I could get it out more easily than my medium. Large is super comfy, maybe even slightly more comfy than the medium. Like I said before, I couldn't get any fingers in but I was able to bare down enough to pinch the base and wiggle it out. It didn't take any effort and I wasn't worried about pulling on my strings at all! SUPER easy and didn't even hurt. I feel MUCH better about my cup after today's try. Woohoo! Can't wait to actually use this thing on my actual period. 
Tags: dry run, first time use, iud, meluna, removal - painful or problems
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