Ilona (kittenbabe) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain after using a diva cup?

I have been using my diva cup for 2 cycles now. The cup itself is great. I got the hang of inserting it pretty quickly, and don't even feel it anymore.

I just have an issue after using it. On the 4th or 5th day of my period, I start to feel a little sore inside, especially after I take the cup out. And that soreness turned to excruciating pain when I tried to have sex last night.

The first month, I just thought that I was getting used to it, but now I'm really starting to worry about it. The pain lasted a couple of hours and then I went back to being a little sore.

I've never had this issue before. I had used tampons before as well as the Instead disposable cups and both were fine.

Is the diva cup just not for me? I love everything else about it.
Tags: chafing/irritation

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