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So Very Happy!

I've heard about cups for years, and finally got over the "icky!" response to buy a small Diva (and promptly posted here asking about a soap that I could use with it- thanks again!). Well, I got my period on Monday and naturally it happened at work so I had use the emergency pad in my purse. As soon as I got home, though, I ran straight for the bathroom and put it in. I'd already done a couple of practice runs, so that went pretty smoothly, although my first removal did not, and I had to do a quick tag-check here for my second attempt. For some reason, splattering blood on the bathroom floor isn't fun...

I went back to tampons and a pad for that second day at work, since I didn't want to face the possibility of emptying the cup or leaks at work, and couldn't wait to go back to the cup that night. I spent the rest of the week with it, admittedly with some liners for backup, and I don't think I'm ever going back! I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but oh wow is it great! Now I just need to get some more cloth liners, since I hate going without some kind of backup, and I think I'm set for a very long time. I just wanted to let you guys know that you not only had another convert, but that all of you were incredibly helpful in answering my questions, either through responding to my post or responding to someone else's.

I only have a couple of pretty minor questions that I was wondering about. First, my only real problem outside of that first removal was a sudden leak a couple of days ago; the cup wasn't full, it had been working just about perfectly for four or five hours, and all of a sudden it started to "burp" and leak. I was wondering what caused it, and the only conclusion I could come to was that the holes got clogged somehow. Is that likely? Second, part of my reason for switching to cloth and the cup was to avoid the tenderness of the involved areas that I always suspected was due to the irritation of the disposables, especially since it usually only happened the last couple of days of each period. Unfortunately, I still got it this cycle! Admittedly, I did use some disposable pads and liners, but only at the beginning, and by the time the tenderness set in I was down to strictly the cup and my few cloth liners. It might have been due to the cleanup necessary after the leak I mentioned above, but I'm starting to think it might just be a standard with my period. In either case, does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you guys again, so much! You've definitely helped with the learning curve and all of my questions.
Tags: divacup, first time use, leakage & spotting, success stories
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