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Absolutely no idea what is going on

Hi. This was the first time I used a cup. Small Ladycup.

I felt inside the vagina with a finger and I could only insert the top part of my middle finger (1.5-2 cm) in all directions before being blocked by some flesh. Except a tunnel below a round bulged thing. But I had to push open the tunnel with my finger to get in, in the direction toward my back (not front).

So I supposed that I had to insert the cup into that tunnel. And I managed that after trying for more than an hour. When the cup popped open, it hurt. The tip of the stem was originally just outside my body, but later retreated into the inside of the entrance of the vagina.

When the cup was inside me, I felt like the walls surrounding the cup was going to break in any minute.

And then I read that you put a cup around the cervix. I saw cross-sectional diagrams showing where the cervix is. I began to wonder if the round bulged thing is the cervix. So I tried to remove my cup. I finished removing it in a minute of two all right. But even I broke the suction before pulling it down, it hurt SO BADLY. I felt the whole part of some organ surrounding the cup was being pulled down as well.

Some blood was inside the cup and filling two of the holes. But there was no real leaking.

I supposed the round thing inside was the cervix, and tried to put the cup just below all the fleshy stuff. And half of the cup and the stem hanged outside my body no matter how I tried to push it in. Pretty odd.

Here are my questions:

1) How does the cervix feel? I just felt lots of mushy thing around.

2) Should I put the cup inside the tunnel? It is SO difficult to do so though.

3) Should I put the cup outside the tunnel? Only half of it can fit in though.

4) Why did it hurt so much when the cup popped and was pulled out? It hurt so badly I could not stand trying to put it in again.

Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lady cup, removal - painful or problems
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