Ooga Booga (whisperalullaby) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ooga Booga

Large LilacCup...do not want

First of all, you guys are awesome, I'm actually not dreading my cycle anymore! Woo cups!

I was looking for something shorter than a small Diva, so I went with a large LilacCup (which is a ridiculously awesome purple, by the way). Didn't quit sit with me right, and removal was not so fun. So...I now have a Large LilacCup I used for about half a cycle, it will be washed, dried, sanitized, and shipped your way if you so want it, with its pretty floral bag. I paid $26 with shipping on the eBay a little back, so $20 would be good. Any offer really, I'm flexible.

OR if you've got a small Yuuki you don't want...will definitely lift that off your hands.

I prefer you email me, or leave a comment here, first come first serve.

WhisperALullaby at gmail.com
Tags: divacup, lady cup
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