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Hi, I've just ordered my very first menstrual cup from the german brand Meluna. I got a size medium, traditional stem, since I have a heavy flow, and I just wanted to go with the whole typical stem. Now first off, I found insertion somewhat difficult since I'm still a virgin and not familiar with the sensation, and it took me several multiple attempts before I was actually able to pop it open. Someone said that I might be too tight inside, but while the cup is open inside it is comfortable enough, but I don't know... I have a hard time popping it open

What I had an even harder time with though was getting the cup out!! The suction was wayy too strong and I couldnt get my finger in to break the suction since its too stiff and the rim is very pronounced. It took me about FOUR hours of huffing and puffing by trying to squeeze it out like I'm trying to give birth. And once I reached it, it was so slippery I couldnt get at it and squeezing it repeatedly didnt break the suction!! I had to really force it down with my muscles because if I relaxed it just gets sucked back in!! D:

Also, I really dislike that thick rim. I wish the cup was just slightly more streamlined because the rim sort of "gets hooked" on my labia, or hymen, or whatever that flap of skin is around the entrance... Also, its so stiff that I dont know how I would even get it out if it actually contained my period.... *sigh* This was supposed to solve all my menstrual problems. I'm kinda disappointed. :(

Right now I was thinking that
1. I should have gotten a size small (even if I do have heavy periods)
2. I should have gotten one with a ball stem (better grip)
3. Maybe I should have just saved up more money and gotten a small Lunette instead. I hear its softer and has good reviews. What's the best to get for beginners anyway?

I'm just a student with no job and it took me awhile to save up. I decided on a meluna since its cheap compared to other brands, and it came in many pretty colors too. *sigh* What do you people think? Should I hold it out and hope that I manage to get it to work or save up for a new cup? Its too late to return it now, and I'm kinda scared of putting it back in... Any advice?
Tags: first time use, meluna, removal - painful or problems

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