if we grow up we are going to be famous (cadenzamuse) wrote in menstrual_cups,
if we grow up we are going to be famous

Removal Question

Hi, I got my first cup a few days ago and am loving it so far. It's a LadyCup Size Large, and it has been comfortable and easy to insert with a punch-down fold, and, as a bonus, I haven't gotten cramps as badly as I usually do with tampons!

The problem is that I'm really having a lot of trouble with removal. I can break the seal fairly easily, and I've tried folding the cup into a C-shape, but it seems to be too large to pull out comfortably that way--I edge the cup down about half-way out of position and things start to get really really painful. So I was hoping you lovely ladies might have suggestions for removal methods other than the C-fold that won't hurt so much.

Tags: first time use, lady cup, removal - painful or problems

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