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Diva Sz. 2 -- Which cups are similar?


Hi!  First off, I am a HAPPY, HAPPY, SATISFIED DIVA SZ. 2 USER.  I've never given birth, and am in my early twenties, however, the sz. 1 leaked and the sz. 2 doesn't.  I've tried the Moon UK  sz. small too, and it also leaked as well as didn't hold enough blood and got lost in my vagina b/c I accidentaly trimmed all of the stem off. 

This past week the college van I was riding in got broken into, and my bags were poor Diva cup sz. 2 is now in the robber's hands.  And, my period will come before too long, so I must make haste and purchase another cup.  I'm torn between buying what I know works and trying something different.

So....I am wondering if any of you Diva sz. 2 users have had good results with any of the other cups, and if so which?

What I'm looking for: 
1. A cup that holds as much blood (or more) as the Diva sz. 2
2. Fits like the Diva sz. 2 in that it doesn't leak

That is pretty much it, and a colored cup would be nice!  Give me any recommendations that you have and let me know what you would do if you were cupless like me.. :-)  Thanks, ladies! :-)
Tags: divacup, success stories
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