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inducing a period and cup help

I know this is half off topic, but seeing as you all experience periods I thought you may be quite helpfull and knowledgeable!

I have an overnight expedition on the 8- 9 of may and I'm due for my period around that time. I could try and use my cup/ tampons but would be thankfull if I could avoid this.

I think I may be ovulating right now due to my discharges form. Would it be safe to induce my period so it comes before the expedition. If so, what are the safe ways of doing this- I've hered of parsely tea..

Also, is there any risk that my period would still be on the expedition (say because it was going to come a few days after the epedition)


On a different note, I tried my two new cups yesterday and after a while in the bath, managed to insert one. I didn't hear a pop but it seemed to have opened, but was kind of squwashed into a shape... I had a great problem with taking it out and it took me a long while. later, I looked up the advice on removal and found many people suggest making a c shape with the cup (surely, the blood would be squashed out?).

I'm now in a bit of pain as I think I have slightly hurt myself thanks to the painful and stressful removal!

Thankyou in advance, and also thanks for thoes who helped me choose my cups.
Tags: camping & backpacking, popping open, removal, removal - painful or problems

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