Mia (ankhst) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Reading a previous post just gave me an awesome idea!!!

I could totally do my PhD on menstruation and cups. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I expect there can be a lot done on the relationships women have with their bodies, fertility and menstruation, comparing diposable and reusable methods, and even comparing the cup with cloth pads. I noticed imediately that it was actually very nice to see the cup full of blood, I felt a sort of sense of acheivement(?). I've never felt happy so see a full tampon or pad.

I'm currently writing a Masters thesis in gender studies on Superhero comics, so why not cups next?

I am soooooo talking to my HoD about this when I see her next.

And some nice academic type links on the subject...

1950 - US Patent application for Cup

That would ecplain why they haven't been readily available for very long - the patent only ran out relatively recently.

1959 Article from a Medical Journal saying cups are awesome

Peers help other women learn about using cups - well duh!

and teh database went down, so I had to stop my literature search. So far I haven't seen anything that suggests anyone has done anything like that.
Tags: activism, health benefits, links

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